Who Needs ILSA?

The States are now looking for revenue and auditing their various offices and departments to see where they can collect fees and fines quickly. Don’t let your friends and colleagues get caught in the compliance nightmare.

ILSA has been serving the insurance industry for over a decade and has built a reputation for helping agents and agencies through the jungle of compliance. ILSA works closely with the various regulators such as the Departments of Insurance, Secretary of State Offices and the Departments of Revenue in all US jurisdictions.

We're not just for insurance!

We’re not just for insurance anymore! ILSA can help any business with Secretary of Sate registrations and the continued compliance filed through the Department of Revenue. Ask about our Corporate Services Department who can handle compliance hassles such as Annual Reports and Corporate Returns.

If you have a friend or colleague looking to expand their business territories, refer them to ILSA! It’s a Win-Win for everyone!

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